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Samsung Electronics Logitech Partners KDC200 with Samsung Smartphone For Delivery and Installation Services

The field service industry requires a logistical juggling act to schedule and dispatch technicians to multiple locations. Customer satisfaction is the top goal and at the same time, companies have to be conscious of minimizing costs.

The KOAMTAC KDC200, used in conjunction with the Samsung smartphone, is the Bluetooth barcode scanner of choice for Samsung Electronics Logitech’s mobile ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution. SELC provides delivery and installation services for their best customers around the globe.

Service technicians need quick access to up-to-date, accurate information, so mobile data collection and transmission have always been a key part of the work process. Today, spurred by the popularity of smartphones and tablets such as the Apple iPad, mobility is an even bigger part of the field service picture.

KOAMTAC’s KDC200 is a natural choice for Samsung Electronics Logitech in its field service operations. It is one of the premier 1D Bluetooth barcode scanners on the market today, compact, rugged and reliable.

It is also cost-effective because even if companies have to replace smartphones because the technology changes quickly, they can still hold onto KOAMTAC’s robust Bluetooth barcode scanning technology because it doesn’t change as fast.

The KDC200’s mobility and ease of use helps field technicians do their jobs better and serve more customers. It all adds up to greater accuracy, higher satisfaction, and a better bottom line.

Reducing worker fatigue and room for error, saving time and saving trees- KOAMTAC’s KDC100 is the perfect partner for retail solutions and for making a greener world.