Olympus System Chooses KDC200 as Smartphone Partner for Mobile POS Service

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KOAMTAC KDC Bluetooth barcode and card readers are part of a quiet and ongoing change in the retail industry that may make cash registers, computer terminals and clerks behind countertops a thing of the past inside the store.

Today’s shoppers have high expectations. They want to browse and seek advice and feedback from store employees. And when it comes time to pay, they want a streamlined, efficient checkout.

That’s why more and more retailers like Olympus are choosing devices like KOAMTAC KDC for point-of-sales and support functions.

Olympus POS partners the KDC200 with smartphones for sales, purchase and inventory. Olympus is just one of the many leading companies that KOAMTAC is working with across a diverse range of retail industries to provide mobile POS solutions for an enhanced consumer experience.

KOAMTAC’s other retail partners include a large telecommunications provider, a major player in the furniture business, and world-renowned purveyor of consumer goods.

The hallmark of KOAMTAC technology is programmability and compatibility across most technology platforms, including Android, Blackberry, Windows and iPhone. That means our products turn smartphones and tablets into powerful POS solutions.

In addition, our products are lightweight and ergonomically friendly, which gives workers the freedom of mobility. Instead of standing behind a counter, employees can roam around the store with customers. They can use KOAMTAC KDCs to pull up current inventory on their smartphones or tablets, instantly communicating not only what is in stock, but also what it looks like.

By helping retailers engage shoppers, make the POS quick and efficient, and even busting queues during busy times like back-to-school or the holiday season, KOAMTAC KDCs are helping retailers increase sales and grow revenues.