SKXPro Barcode SmartSled Scanner for Samsung XCover Pro with Extended Battery and Handstrap

Extended Battery Companion

for SKX SmartSleds

The Extended Battery Companion for SKX SmartSleds is the best way to ensure your Samsung Galaxy XCover and SKX SmartSled never run out of juice. Eliminating the need to charge batteries when going from shift to shift or in the middle of a long one, the extra capacity provided by the Extended Battery Companion will help your XCover phone stay charged. 

LED indicators located on the back of the battery let you know the status of your Extended Battery for SKX SmartSleds Companion with a quick glance. A hand strap on the back helps ensure the safety and security of your phone during your busy day, reducing accidental slips and falls (though it can withstand a 5′ drop). In addition to the shock absorption, the Extended Battery is IP65 rated for dust and water resistance.