mPOS Companions for SmartSled Scanners

KOAMTAC has a wide variety of payment companions for you KDC® and SKX™ SmartSled® Scanners.  With the ability to add MSR Card readers to full-fledged EMV payment processors, KOAMTAC has a payment solution to suit your business needs. MSR Card Readers come with the ability to read barcodes or RFID tags and attach directly to your phone or tablet via a Smartsled case. A PCI/EMV companion for KDC and SKX SmartSled scanners will be released later this year.

for KDC470


An mPOS companion for KDC470 compatible with PCI/EMV/Chip-and-Pin/MSR/NFC.

An mPOS companion for KDC470 featuring a Mag Stripe and IC Card Reader.

for SKX 


An mPOS companion for SKXPro compatible with PCI/EMV/Chip-and-Pin/MSR/NFC. 

An mPOS companion for SKXPro featuring a Mag Stripe and IC Card Reader.