KDC185 Charging Cradles


Safe and Secure Charging for Your KDC185

KDC1805 Charging Cradles are the best way to charge your KDC185 devices. Available in 2 and 10-Slot configurations, the cradles can charge 2 to 10 KDC185 devices respectively. In addition, the 2-Slot Charging Cradle is equipped with 2 slots for spare KDC185 batteries while the 10-Slot Charging Cradle is equipped with 10 spare battery slots.  The KDC185 Charging Cradles are compatible with all models of KDC180; however, please note that a spacer must be used when charging KDC185 UHF models or when charging without a protective boot. Simply place your KDC185 in the Charging Cradle and the pogo pins will optimally charge your devices and batteries.