SKX5 Charging Cradles

SKX5 Charging Cradles

1-Slot Charging Cradle

The SKX5 1-Slot Charging Cradle is a simple pogo pin charging dock designed to charge the XCover 5 phone without removing it from the SKX5 SmartSled.  Each cradle features a slot for a KOAMTAC 2,000mAh extended battery to keep you going all day.

5-Slot Charging Cradle

Does your business have multiple SKX5 Barcode SmartSled scanners? The 5-slot SKX5 Charging Cradle is the ideal docking station to charge them. The streamlined design reduces clutter and allows simultaneous charging of up to 5 devices to keep your business charged at all times.

These cradles are ideal for charging the SKX5 SmartSled.

Charging Cradles for the Samsung XCover 5 are available in 1-slot and 5-slot models to charge your rugged phone without the SmartSled barcode scanner.

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