KOAMTAC 0.5W UHF Reader Companion for KOAMTAC KDC470 or KDC475 UHF RFID Ultra High Frequency RFID

0.5W UHF Reader Companion

for KDC470, KDC475, and SKX SmartSled Scanners

The 0.5W UHF RFID Reader for the is the first barcode scanner enhancement for RFID reading for barcode sled scanners. The reader connects directly to the KDC470, KDC475, or SKX SmartSled to give your phone or tablet an all-in-one data collection solution whether you’re using barcodes or RFID tags – especially useful for your business that is transitioning or using a combination of the two.

The 0.5W UHF Reader module completes the sled-scanning solution so you can simply use one hand to scan – no need to juggle a reader and your device at the same time.

The 0.5W UHF Reader is ideal for all those seeking a handheld Ultra High-Frequency UHF Reader for their business whether in retail, distribution, healthcare, or any other industry.