Why don’t the pairing barcodes in the Quick Manual or Mini Guide work for my device?

The pairing barcodes in the Quick Manual and Mini Guides are updated barcodes that require the latest firmware to work. You have two solutions to get your KDC to pair to your host device.
1. Update your firmware using the instructions and links found on the Firmware Page. This is the ideal option to ensure your KDC works optimally.
2. Utilize the 1D and 2D pairing barcodes sheet for quick pairing if upgrading the firmware isn’t possible at this time (we understand sometimes you just need to get to work).

If you continue to encounter problems with pairing your KDC to your host device, please call KOAMTAC Support by calling 609-256-4700 or email info@koamtac.com and we will be more than happy to help you troubleshoot.