KOAMTAC Releases MSR/IC Companions for KDC and SKX SmartSled® Series

Add magnetic stripe and IC card reading capabilities to the KDC or SKX SmartSled to create the ultimate barcode/RFID and MSR/IC reading solution.

KOAMTAC®, Inc.a leading manufacturer of Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, RFID Sleds, mPOS solutions, and enterprise charging solutions, has announced the release of a new MSR/IC barcode scanner companion device named the SLED-MSRIC. The SLED-MSRIC companion is compatible with KDC470 SmartSled models, as well as the SKXPro and SKX5 SmartSled solutions for Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro and XCover 5.

KDC470 and SKXPro with MSRIC

With the rise in popularity of ID and membership cards utilizing magnetic strip or IC technology, businesses are looking for an easy and cost effective way to incorporate card reading into their operations. The SLED-MSRIC companion provides secure and reliable transactions alone or as an enhanced service after scanning barcode data.

The SLED-MSRIC companion easily and securely attaches to the back of the KDC or SKX SmartSled via screws. The device is lightweight and low profile, featuring a magnetic stripe reader located at bottom of the device and accompanied by an IC card slot on the right side.

“It was important for KOAMTAC to offer MSR and IC card reading capabilities for our modular KDC and SKX SmartSled platforms. The SLED-MSRIC companion elevates the SmartSled to the next level, a truly comprehensive solution for all types of data— barcode, RFID, and now magnetic stripe and IC reading” said Dr. Hanjin Lee, CEO.

The SLED-MSRIC companion supports MSR Track 1, 2, and 3 formats as well as Bidirectional ISO 7810, 7811, 7813, AAMVA, JIS, and custom data format. Additionally, supported IC card standards are ISO7816 Class A, B, and C Smart Cards and EMV Level 1. The device also supports AES128/192/256, DES/TDS, SHA1/SHA256, RSA(2048), and DUKPT encryption methods.

The SLED-MSRIC companion is compatible with KDC470 and SKX charging solutions. Lastly, the device obtained a 4ft (1.2m) drop specification to protect from accident drops and falls.

A PCI and EMV compliant mPOS companion is slated for release later this year