The KoamTac KDC Product Suite Becomes the First “Grand Slam” of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners for Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad and Windows Smartphones

Princeton, NJ, August 4, 2010 – KoamTac, Inc. announced today the release of the KTSync® keyboard wedge and application generation software for the KDC line of barcode scanners. KDC barcode scanners now support Bluetooth barcode data collection directly to stock and custom applications on all major Smartphones: including Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. This new release also introduces improved data formatting, an “out-of-box” stockroom inventory program, and easy to use SDK’s to allow seamless integration of Bluetooth or batch barcode scanning into small and large enterprise applications where mobility, convenience and reliability are required.

The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions of KTSync® are now available from Apple App Store. The KDC200i and KDC300i are the only Bluetooth scanners certified by Apple® as “Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod” accessories, and support not only HID Bluetooth profile but also Made for iPhone Bluetooth profile enabling two way communication between KDC and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Blackberry and Windows Mobile versions of KTSync® can be downloaded from The Android version is currently available to strategic partners only with a general release scheduled in September, 2010.

“What’s most exciting about this product is its absolute versatility and convenience,” said Palmer Renninger, VP of Sales for, an authorized KoamTac partner. “It connects to your cell phone, iPad/tablet or PC seamlessly, giving you fast, reliable barcode scanning with a form factor you can wear around your neck, tuck in your pocket, or wear on the back of hand using optional KDC custom glove with built in trigger button.” He added, “With a 30ft range via a high speed Bluetooth connection, you can scan data into your phone while it’s on your belt, purse or desk and the program will direct the user to perform the specific data entry task assigned to him via the OLED display on the KDC. There’s a tremendous interest from iPhone and iPad users because the KDC line also allows them to switch between the scanner and the soft keypad quickly by pushing a button.”

The KDC lines allows enterprises to integrate fast, reliable barcode data collection to their mobile workers’ handset of choice and are a logical choice for the transportation, field service, retail, warehousing and healthcare industries without the cost or complexity of traditional mobile computers.

There are two Bluetooth models: the KDC200 (less than two cubic inches in volume and weighing only 1.2 ounces) has an integrated laser scan engine for reading all popular linear barcodes and the KDC300 (less than four cubic inches in volume and weigh only 1.9 ounces) utilizes industry-leading Adaptus® Imaging technology from Honeywell, enabling high performance omni-directional reading of linear and 2D barcodes, postal codes, and optical character recognition (OCR) codes. On a fully charged battery both Bluetooth models are able to scan and transfer barcodes for several days with Bluetooth connection enabled, consigning the single-shift batteries and their space-taking chargers to history.

“As Smartphones and tablets become the “device of choice” for each enterprise’s mobile professionals, Bluetooth barcode scanning becomes an essential business tool in diverse application areas”, said Dr. Hanjin Lee, CEO and founder of KoamTac, Inc. “As competition in the mobile device market heats up, companies with mobile device fleets will upgrade their applications and devices to leverage ever increasing capabilities at lower and lower costs. KoamTac is committed to support all major mobile device platforms. So if and when you change your Smartphone, you won’t have to change your barcode scanner.”


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