KoamTac Introduces World’s Smallest GPS-enabled Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Princeton, NJ, February 3, 2011 – KoamTac, Inc. announced today the release of the KDC250 linear barcode data collector with GPS capability. Conceived and developed for the Transportation Industry, the KDC250 collects location information along with barcode data and time stamps to enhance location based services, such as proof-of-delivery. The KDC250 also provides a unique GPS by-pass mode which allows it to double as a GPS Bluetooth receiver. The KDC250 weighs just 2 oz. and is 3.9 cubic inches in volume making it one of the smallest devices on the market today.

Enterprise data collection applications require multipleKDC250 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner input modes and uninterrupted operation functionality not previously available from Bluetooth bar code scanners connected to iPhone/iPads/ iPod touch. KoamTac has also released new KDC firmware for its complete line of KDC Bluetooth scanners that supports Bluetooth Spec2.1+EDR and innovative HID options. These allow users to toggle the iOS soft keyboard by pressing a key so that user can use both the soft keyboard and the KDC device simultaneously. This firmware release also wakes up the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch automatically before transmitting any scanned barcode data, solving the problem of lost data sometimes experienced by users employing the HID profile.

“Smart Phones and Pads have become true alternatives to traditional mobile terminals and Bluetooth barcode scanners have consequently become essential business tools in diverse application areas”, said Dr. Hanjin Lee, CEO and founder of KoamTac, Inc. “The Bluetooth barcode scanner needs to support the rapidly evolving Smart Phones and Pads. The KDC series supports all major mobile devices including the Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone iOS and Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, thereby reducing support and maintenance issues for mixed estates of mobile devices. We’re proud to offer the only Apple-certified iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Bluetooth barcode scanners on the market. We believe this is a strong endorsement of the quality and functionality of KoamTac’s offerings.”

KDC’s range of Bluetooth barcode scanners is designed specifically for use with Smart Phones and Pads. KoamTac’s KDC series offers enterprises the opportunity to add professional barcode scanning to their mobile workers’ handset of choice in many industries including: transportation, field service, retail and healthcare.Given its ultra small size and light weight, many customers attach the KDC unit to their body using our convenient retractable lanyard. Furthermore, an optional glove with a built-in trigger button provides the lightest and the most economical wearable barcode scanning configuration. The KDC range is available with two Bluetooth based scanning options: The KDC100/200/250 integrates a laser scan engine for reading all popular linear barcodes whilst the KDC300 utilizes industry-leading Adaptus® Imaging technology from Honeywell, enabling high-performance omnidirectional reading of linear and 2D barcodes, postal codes, and optical character recognition (OCR) codes. With a fully charged battery both models are able to scan and transfer barcodes for several days with Bluetooth connection enabled.


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