KOAMTAC Increases Security, Performance, and Reliability of IoT Barcode Scanners, RFID Readers, and mPOS companions

KOAMTAC has released new Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 products and expects to upgrade all products to BLE5.0 by 2020.

September 12, 2019, Princeton, NJKOAMTAC®, Inc., ., a leading manufacturer of Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, barcode and RFID Sleds, mPOS solutions, and smartphone/tablet charging solutions today announced upgrades to products for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0. These upgrades increase security, performance, and reliability of their IoT devices used for Auto Identification in multiple fields and industries.

BLE5.0 is two times faster, has a range that is four times longer, and consumes less power than BLE4.1/4.2. Additionally, it is robust enough to operate in a congested environment.

“Bluetooth has become a pretty reliable technology since KOAMTAC has introduced KDC200 Bluetooth barcode scanner in 2007,” said Hanjin Lee, CEO/President of KOAMTAC, Inc. “Modern Bluetooth technology consumes less power and transmits data faster and longer in both a secure and reliable way.”

KOAMTAC adopted BLE 4.1 in 2017 and upgraded to BLE5.0 in 2019. KOAMTAC plans to upgrade to BLE5.1 in 2020. This upgrade strategy ensures customers can operate smoothly and transfer their data quickly without concern for security or privacy. KDC classic HID and SPP Bluetooth profiles are supported in KDC BLE devices. New OPEN profile in KDC BLE device eliminates the need of traditional Bluetooth pairing process.

KOAMTAC plans to release more innovative Barcode, RFID, and mPOS devices based on BLE5.0 through the end of 2019 and into 2020. The KDC280 BLE4.1 scanner is scheduled to upgrade to BLE5.0 by the end of 2019. All other classic Bluetooth devices will be upgraded to BLE5.0 and new products will be introduced as such. The next planned upgrade in 2020 to BLE5.1 includes arrival and departure angle direction information which will make the Bluetooth device location even more accurate.

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