Via Rail Canada

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More than four million travelers a year ride VIA Rail Canada, which operates the national passenger rail service on behalf of the government of Canada.

Over the last several years, the Canadian government has devoted millions of dollars to passenger rail modernization and expansion, and as part of that effort, turned to KOAMTAC’s KDC300 Bluetooth barcode scanners as its hospitality instrument of choice.

VIA Rail Canada operates nearly 500 trains a week across the country from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific and the KDC300 Bluetooth barcode scanner paired with Blackberry is on board for facilitating ticket verification and enhancing the passenger experience.

VIA Rail Canada prides itself on the reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally- friendly service that ranks it as one of the most trusted transportation companies in Canada. KOAMTAC is proud to provide the technology to help the railroad maintain its position at the forefront of travel and tourism experiences for our neighbors north of the border.