KOAMTAC, Inc. Enhances Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 with Data Collection and Charging Accessories

As a Samsung enterprise solution partner, KOAMTAC brings the power of data collection and unique charging solutions to increase business applications of the Galaxy Tab Active2.

October 20, 2017, Princeton, NJKOAMTAC®. Inc., leader in Bluetooth® data collection and payment solutions, reveals line of data collection and charging accessories for the brand new Samsung® Galaxy® Tab Active2 tablet. The accessories include the IP65-rated KDC470 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, an integrated charging SmartSled® case, in addition to multiple Charging Cradles and Battery Chargers.Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Accessories from KOAMTAC Charging Barcode Scanning RFID Reading

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2, just announced today, is the latest business-grade tablet from Samsung ideal for any industrial worker. Increased protection from dust, water, temperature changes, and drops make it the premier rugged business-grade tablet.

“There is a constant need for field, warehouse, construction, and delivery workers to not only have a rugged tablet, but to also be able to efficiently and dependably collect data,” stated Dr. Hanjin Lee, President and CEO of KOAMTAC. “We began answering this by returning to our roots of barcode scanning and expanded our accessories line for the Tab Active2 to include diverse charging options to suit a variety of work environments.”

KOAMTAC’s KDC470s support 1D and 2D barcodes, features a rechargeable and removable battery, and is resistant to dust, water, temperatures, and drops. The KDC470 attaches to the Tab Active2 via a custom SmartSled case allowing both devices to charge at the same time and increasing security of data transfer via direct connection. Future enhancements include RFID and payment modules for increased methods of data collection.

“There is a constant need for field, warehouse, construction, and delivery workers to not only have a rugged tablet, but to also be able to efficiently and dependably collect data…”

The KDC470 and Tab Active2 can simultaneously charge via a 1-slot or 4-slot Charging Cradle. KOAMTAC also created a single battery charger and storage compartment for on-the-go charging of the 4450mAh battery used in the Tab Active2. A 5-slot battery charger can also be extended in fives for enhanced and efficient charging. Should the need arise to charge multiple Tab Active2s without a KDC, KOAMTAC has developed a 2-slot Charging Cradle able to expand to 4-slots with an adaptor.

KOAMTAC is developing custom applications via their enterprise application solution KOAMTACON which will be available, free of charge for one year to all KDC customers.

The KDC470, SmartSled Charging Case, Charging Cradles, and Battery Chargers can all be purchased directly on the KOAMTAC store or by calling 609-256-4700.


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