Quick Manual and Pairing Barcodes

The Quick Manuals and Pairing barcodes are everything you need to get started using your KDC to collect barcode, RFID, and payment data. 

 KDCs using the current firmware version can utilize the Quick Manual for all of their pairing needs, however, if an older Firmware is in use, you will need to use a pairing barcode from the 1D and 2D pairing document below. 

Should you have any questions, or encounter any errors, please contact us for support. 

KOAMTAC Quick Manual Cover Pairing Barcodes and Catalog

Quick Manual

The Quick Manual includes instructions and pairing barcodes for all KDCs with current firmware. Plus a small catalog of all of KOAMTAC's offerings.

Pairing Barcodes

1D and 2D Pairing barcodes for all KDCs that are not using the current firmware.