KOAMTAC Integrates Honeywell SwiftDecoder Software decoding engine into KDC barcode scanner SDK

The software decoder rounds out a Smartphone or Tablet and can be used alone or in combination with a KDC hardware decoder to read any barcode including those of poor quality

January 12, 2020, Princeton, NJKOAMTAC®, Inc., ., a leading manufacturer of Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, barcode and RFID Sleds, mPOS solutions, and enterprise charging solutions has expanded their suite of barcode scanners to include a Honeywell® SwiftDecoder™ software barcode decoder.

The SwiftDecoder running on the camera on a Smartphone or Tablet may be slightly slower and less convenient than using a dedicated barcode scanner but is also less expensive. Honeywell SwiftDecoder is the leading software decoder engine with longer scan range and aggressive scanning performance on poor quality barcode.

“It was time that we expanded our offerings to include a software decoder to provide seamless barcode scanning experience,” says Dr. Hanjin Lee, CEO/President. “This integration expands our full suite of products to help businesses find the solution that fits their needs best. Certain applications can start the barcode scanning project by monthly licensing the software decoder without commitment and upgrade to a professional-grade scanner based on dedicated scanning hardware. KOAMTAC’s SDK provides seamless integration between software- and hardware-based scanning technology.”

The software decoder will be integrated into the KOAMTAC KDC SDK and available for purchase as a standalone license, either monthly or per device. Additional KOAMTAC products, such as the Protective and Inductive Charging Cases with extended battery option can enhance the power of this software decoder by ensuring mobile devices stay powered throughout a heavy day of use. Software decoder users can upgrade to a hardware decoder at any time for additional functionality to create a full-service omni-decoder solution.

The software decoder license can be purchased for a one-time device license fee of $79 or a monthly device license of $5.99 directly through KOAMTAC by contacting sales@koamtac.com.

Visit KOAMTAC at NRF January 12-14 in booths 3164 & 3172 for a live demonstration.