KOAMTAC, Inc. Announces a New Line of Charging Solution Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active and KOAMTAC Barcode, RFID, and Payment SMARTSLED

KOAMTAC, Inc. releases a full line of charging solution accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Tab® Active, an IP-67 rated, ruggedized and enterprise-ready 8-inch tablet. Each solution is designed to increase productivity in the workplace by providing users with a constant supply of resources for operation.

May 14, 2015, Princeton, NJ – KOAMTAC, Inc. today released a full line of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active accessories that combine the power of the ruggeSamsung Galaxy Tab Active Accessories by KOAMTAC dized and enterprise-ready Galaxy Tab Active tablet and KOAMTAC KDC barcode, RFID, payment, and charging solutions for retail, logistics, healthcare, field services, and hospitality applications.

The Galaxy Tab Active 2-Slot Charging Cradle is designed to improve workflow and makes the task of charging devices stress-free and efficient. Users may simply place either the Galaxy Tab Active tablet (with or without bumper case) or Galaxy Tab Active SMARTSLED with KDC20/30 detachable barcode scanner into the charging cradle to charge in preparation for their next shift. A 4-Slot charging cradle configuration is also available in this design.

The single and 5-slot Galaxy Tab Active battery charger is ideal for an active workplace that has little time to slow down during the course of the day. It enables the user to have fully-charged replaceable batteries at all times, so that users may easily interchange batteries for the most efficient work environment possible.

The Galaxy Tab Active SMARTSLED case for KOAMTAC’s existing KDC400 series is also available. The pairing of the KDC400 series and Galaxy Tab Active SMARTSLED case creates a modular solution for barcode, RFID and payment solutions.

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