KBM-XP67 XPand 1D Laser Scanner

for Sonim XP6 and XP7


The XPand connector was designed to extend the capabilities of the Sonim XP6/XP7 smartphones through rugged attached peripherals. The PTT enabled XP6/XP7 are modern Android smartphones with outstanding outdoor viewing ability, multi-shift battery life, and glove-touch usability. When the XP6/XP7 and KOAMTAC XPand Barcode Scanner combine with Android barcode scanning applications from Sonim partners, the solution has the lowest total cost of ownership, highest reliability, and best usability of any comparable system.

KOAMTAC’s XPand Laser Barcode Scanner attaches to the back of the XP6/XP7 with four screws and communicates through the XPand connecter with Android applications. It draws power directly from the smartphone’s internal battery, eliminating the need for a separate charging solution.