KOAMTAC, Inc. Launches a Barcode Sled Solution for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active B2B Tablet

The Galaxy Tab Active Sled enables the IP67 rated, B2B Tablet for business customer relation management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), workforce management (WFM), contact center, and point of sale (POS) applications.

January 12, 2015, Princeton, NJ- KOAMTAC®, Inc. today announced the release of its’ new barcode sled solution for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active® as the newest addition to the KDC® sled line for smartphones and tablets. The Galaxy Tab Active sled has integrated the KDC20, a miniature 1D laser Bluetooth barcode scanner, and KDC30, a miniature 2D imager Bluetooth barcode scanner, as a detachable configuration to maximize business operations.

The typical business tablet requires diverse features such as water/dust/drop protection, security, flexibility and productivity. The proposed challenge to find a tablet with high performance barcode scanning capability has found a solution.

The KOAMTAC Galaxy Tab Active Sled has two scan buttons, in addition to the scan button on KDC20 and KDC30 which enables the user to scan a barcode while holding the tablet with both hands. Simultaneously, the user may use the KDC20 and KDC30 as a Bluetooth barcode scanner. KOAMTAC plans to add the PCI compliant detachable Bluetooth EMV/MSR/NFC terminal as a mobile POS companion to the Galaxy Tab Active Sled to support the point of sale (POS) application in 2Q 2015.

“KOAMTAC has built a complete barcode, RFID, and payment sled portfolio for major Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Additionally, KOAMTAC has provided a solution for Apple® iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch,” stated Dr. Hanjin Lee, President and CEO of KOAMTAC. “We continue to provide the most flexible sled solution on the market, accommodating to the vast-changing demand for smartphones/tablets. The life cycles of these smart device models tend to last for less than two years. Fortunately, we have successfully solved this challenge by providing a smartphone/tablet sled solution that is a key factor in the buyer’s market.”

KOAMTAC’s patented sled design protects the user’s investment by providing an easy upgrade option. The Galaxy Tab Active Sled comes with a 1D laser or 2D imager barcode reader option. The 1D laser barcode solution provides an economical and fast scanning experience for budget conscious projects, and the 2D imager provides a highend
scanning solution that provides generous barcode scanning capability and the ability to scan all major 2D barcodes, such as QR and PDF417 codes. The future of the EMV/MSR/NFC option will provide full transition options with innovative KTSync® data collection and application generation tools.

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