Wearable Barcode Scanner Accessories

KOAMTAC’s wearable barcode scanner accessories will turn your KDC200, KDC270, KDC280, or KDC350 into a hands-free scanner that fits on your entire hand, two fingers, or one finger – whatever makes you feel the most secure for your scanning environment. Each feature adjustable straps and strong materials ensuring a safe and secure fit for any worker.

The Finger Trigger Glove fits on the entire hand for secure scanning in any environment. The most versatile of KOAMTAC’s wearable barcode scanner accessories, it works with the KDC200, KDC270, KDC280, or KDC350 and can fit with or without a work glove.

The Ring Scanner comes with the option to sit on one or two fingers for hands-free scanning. The smallest of KOAMTAC’s wearable barcode scanner accessories, it is available for the KDC200, KDC270, or KDC280 and is easy to put on and remove.

Finger Trigger Gloves and Ring Triggers designed specifically for the KDC180.  The KDC180 easily snaps in place on the glove or ring trigger and is completely wireless, ensuring a successful read every time.  Easy to wear. Easy to use.

A glove with ruggedness and comfortability in mind. The KDC180 Safety Glove is made from flexible, cut-resistant, yarn and can be comfortably worn on the hand whether bare or covered with a work or winter glove.