KOAMTAC Charging Cradles for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2

Samsung Galaxy Tab® Active2/3 Charging Cradles

2-Slot Charging Cradle

Nobody wants to risk damaging charging ports by constantly plugging and unplugging a charging cord. That’s where the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 and Galaxy Tab Active3 Charging Cradles come in to play. The 2-slot charging cradle creates a simple charging dock to drop the tablet into (with or without protective case) for fast and secure charging.

4-Slot Charging Cradle

Have more than 2 Galaxy Tab Active2/3 tablets for your business? The 4-slot charger may just be the right solution for you. The streamlined design combines two 2-slot cradles with an additional adapter on the bottom of the devices, enabling a full charging station so your business can stay charged at all times.

Charging Cradles for Galaxy Tab Active2/3 with SmartSled®

The custom SmartSled case allows for integrated charging of the Galaxy Tab Active2 or Galaxy Tab Active3 and KDC470 or KDC475. The KDC470 Charging Cradles come in 1-slot and 4-slot versions and are ideal for charging this integrated solution.