KDC Accessories

KOAMTAC offers a full range of KDC Accessories to help you keep your KDC connected, protected, and charged.

The KBD401 adds Bluetooth to your PC while the KBLED41 enables BLE connections

Cables specifically made for charging and data transfer of KDCs

Lanyards ideal for wearing your KDCs around your neck or hanging on hooks

Ensure your KDC400-series and Phone are Tablet are safe and secure

Add extra shock absorption for protection from accidental drops and falls

Wear your KDC on your fingers or hand for hands-free scanning all day long

Cradles to charge your KDCs, Smartphones, and Tablets quickly and securely

RFID, mPOS, Pistol Grip, and Extended Battery Companions for the KDC470 & KDC475 Smartsleds

Turn your phone or tablet into a SmartSled scanner for Barcode Scaanning, RFID Reading and Payment Processing on the go