Accessories for KDCs, Phones, and Tablets

KOAMTAC offers a variety of accessories to suit your business’s needs. Whether you’re looking for wearable scanning technology, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 accessories or more ways to power your KDCs and smartphones, KOAMTAC has a solution just for you. Browse our options below or contact the KOAMTAC team for more information. 

KOAMTAC has created custom phone and tablet cases as well as a Universe adapter to work with any 3rd party case including Otterbox cases. These cases ensure simultaneous charging of the KDC470 and your smart device or enable cradle and wireless charging and battery extension without a KDC470.

KOAMTAC’s power and charging accessories include the inductive charging cases and adapter, extended battery for any phone, charging cradles for KDCs and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 as well as any smart phone when used with a charging adapter, and of course the KDC batteries.

KOAMTAC offers a unique line of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 accessories including a SmartSled for the KDC470 to enable 1D or 2D barcode scanning and RFID reading, charging cradles for the tablet by itself or when combined with the KDC470, and a battery chargers for in the office or on-the-go.

KDC Accessories such as Dongles to enable Bluetooth connections on your PC, protective boots to ensure extra shock protection, wearable barcode scanning accessories, and cables for charging help round out the KDC family and ensure you’re ready to collect data at any time.