Event Technology

Whether it’s a corporate convention, college fair or anything in between, KOAMTAC knows it is about capturing leads. Collecting, managing and storing such critical information in environments that are busy and often chaotic is a challenge.

The best event technology experts in the business are turning to KOAMTAC for support. Instead of tediously filling out cards by hand, data is obtained using one of our lightweight, programmable Bluetooth barcode data and card readers.

Our programmable Bluetooth barcode scanners and card readers are compatible with all major smart devices. Simply connect any major device to a KOAMTAC KDC and begin capturing data, safe and wirelessly.

The KDC Bluetooth barcode scanning solution is quick and easy, giving participants unlimited freedom of movement to move about and ask and answer questions. This process also makes lead retrieval simple and fast.

TRC, Leader in Trade Show and Event Technology Services, Chooses KOAMTAC’S KDC300 to Keep College Fairs Running Smoothly