Discontinued Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Occasionally, we discontinue barcode scanners because we’ve engineered an even better model for you! We will continue to support these models, of course, and find it’s important that our customers have access to information about all of our products. Below you’ll find a list of the discontinued Bluetooth barcode scanners.

The KDC30 includes a swing-out USB but is absent the screen many customers find essential for data verification. Newer scanners with screens such as the KDC180 wearable scanner are the superior replacement.

KDC250 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 1D Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

The KDC250 enables diverse mobile Auto-Identification applications for collecting and storing barcode data. Newer scanners with screens such as the KDC180 wearable scanner are the superior replacement.

This first-generation 2D Imager Bluetooth Barcode Scanner has been discontinued to make way for the KDC270 that comes in 1D and 2D options with stronger and faster scan engines plus features an IP65 rating and 5′ drop spec. Additionally, the KDC280 is now available as a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 2D Scanner.

The first generation of rugged KDC350 have been discontinued to make room for the new and improved KDC350-R2 which features an even more durable and dependable scan engine to suit your needs.

The first generation SmartSleds, the KDC400 Series, have been discontinued to make room for the new and improved KDC470 & KDC475 which feature aIP65-rating, integrated cases, and modular companions for any data collection needs.

The XPand Connector was designed to extend the capabilities of the Sonim CP6/CP7 smartphones through rugged attached peripherals. While KOAMTAC no longer creates this custom device, the KDC470 & KDC475 are rugged barcode sled scanners for any device.