Designed in partnership with Samsung.

Seamlessly transmits data to Android operating system.


Full suite of Data Collection companions.


Rugged Ergonomic Design

IP67-Rated. Dust-tight. Water-tight up to 1m.
Sleek. Compact. Lightweight. No extra bulk.
Fits comfortably in the hand.
Two scan buttons – one on each side.

Barcode Scanning

Best-in-class scan engine. Laser aimer. Reads 1D and 2D Barcodes. Quick. Strong. Aggressive. Long scan range and excellent motion tolerance. 

RFID Reading

Companions for 0.5W UHF and 1.0W UHF available.
Connects securely to the SKXPro. 
Read up to 200 tags per second. 
Read Range to 20’+ (6m)+. 

Extended Battery and Pistol Grip

Extended Battery adds 2000mAh of power and has convenient hand strap for comfortability.
Pistol Grip features a removable 6000mAh battery and improves ergonomics by adding a familiar form-factor.


Sleek and modern mobile point of sale for your entire retail sales floor. 
Accepts EMV/Chip-and-PIN, MSR, and NFC payments.
Attaches securely to SKXPro. 

Charging Cradles

1-slot and 5-slot charging docks for the full SKXPro solution. Additional SmartSled Extended Battery charging slots for backup power. 
Charge via Type-C or DC connector so you can charge anywhere.
Fast Charging when using Samsung AFC connector.

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