KDC200 Ring Scanner Wearable Barcode Scanner KOAMTAC Data Collector

Ring Scanner

Wearable Barcode Scanner for KDC200, KDC270 & KDC280

The Ring Scanner comes with foam padding sized to sit on one or two fingers and is ideal for someone who needs full use of their hands but also may want to easily remove the scanner for any reason (such as sorting through a bin of products). The pouch for the scanner has hook-and-loop connectors to the “ring” portion of the accessory.

The KDC200 ring scanner accessory comes with wired components for Right or Left hand configuration meaning it can be easily suited for anyone, anywhere. The KDC270 ring scanner is hard-wired for either the right- or left-hand, resulting in a stronger and water resistant ring scanner. The KDC280 fits perfectly inside the KDC270 Ring Scanner.

*KDC Scanner sold separately.