Power & Charging Accessories

You and your team need to stay powered through an entire day. KOAMTAC wants to help you make that happen. The extensive line of power and charging accessories is sure to help you stay powered through even the longest shift. 

1-slot through 4-slot Charging Cradles for KDCs, smartphones, and tablets are the best way to charge your devices. The cradles ensure safe power transfer and the ultimate securitry wherever they charge.

The Extended Battery is the top power accessory for ensuring battery life through even the longest day. It will add extra power to your smart device + KDC470 or to any smartphone when combined with the Universe Adapter.

Charging Cases come in two varieties: Protective Charging and Inductive Charging. Cases for specific devices are custom-made by KOAMTAC or can be made with any third-party case to charge via charging cradle, wireless charger, or add the Extended Battery.

We recommend swapping your KDC Batteries out once a year. Here, you can read up on the details of the batteries found in each KDC.